GV Art Conservation services


GV Art Conservation services
GV Art Conservation is a private-practice conservation and restoration service based in New York City with staff able to travel locally and internationally as needed.

Our conservators specialize in Paintings, Sculpture, and Works on Paper with a focus on Modern, Post-War and Contemporary artworks.

Each project is treated as uniquely as the art itself. The list below outlines many of the services provided. Should your conservation needs not be on the list below, please contact us directly for a free consultation to determine if we can be of assistance.

Conservation Services

  • Conservation and restoration treatments
  • Condition reports and Photographic documentation
  • Collection advisory and maintenance
  • Preventive Conservation
  • On-site and in-house evaluations


  • Modern, Post War and Contemporary Art
  • Private Collection Maintenance
  • Conservation for Public and Private Collections
  • Genre
    Painting, Sculpture, Book and Paper, Objects, Textiles, Installation, Photography and film
  • Media
    Including but not limited to: Acrylic, Enamel, Encaustic, Graphite, Metal, Mixed Media, Oil, Oil stick, Organic and Inorganic materials, Pastel, Polyester, Resin, Tempera, Watercolor, Wood